Cutting edge tech. For human good.

Pala crafts software solutions using the latest advances in data science and software engineering to transform the world we live in.

Pala is a tech studio that crafts software solutions to change our world for the better.

We believe in technology as a natural extension of humanity — with this philosophy permeating all of the work that we do. From creating valuable applications that feel natural to use, to using deep learning in our data analyses to enhance human perception, to weaving new tech seamlessly through the processes that make organisations tick, Pala looks to challenge the old futuristic notions of tech, instilling it firmly into the present.

Our Principles

Pala is a different kind of tech company, driven by a positive vision of the future.

Tech for good

We create software solutions exclusively for social enterprises and ethically-minded companies to measurably increase their impact. We and our clients believe that recent tech affords us the opportunity to do amazing things for the world – and we welcome you to join us.

Tech for humans

We strongly feel that tech needs to be normalised as something natural in our culture – and not just be the preserve of geeks. We make diversity in our development team, and make education a fundamental part of the delivery of our solutions, demystifying concepts and cutting through the hype.

Tech for tomorrow

We reinvest 10% of our profits into ethical projects in the industries and sectors that we work with – because we think that practitioners of new tech have a responsibility to plant the seeds for a better future.

Tech for all

We embrace open-source as a powerful force for making new technology accessible to everyone. From code, to interactive tutorials, to sample datasets, Pala looks to give back to a community that enriches its own software solutions.

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