About Us

Our Values


Pala intrinsically believes that recent digital advances – principally those of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated cross-platform applications – provide a once in a generation opportunity to change the world around us for the better. Everything we do is geared towards realising a vision of people harnessing new technology to maximise our human potential.


New technology is useless unless it is incorporated with the people using it from day-to-day in mind. Pala looks to build relevant, new technology into the core of its solutions, but gives equal importance to synthesising them into simple and memorable user experiences.


State-of-the-art AI and software technology need not be the preserve of large conglomerates and mathematical prodigies. Pala senses fertile ground to plant the seeds of this groundbreaking technology across the whole landscape of industry and society, not just the most lucrative domains.


Pala sees beautifully composed binary as something as natural as the northern lights, a fleeting stare, or a dreamlike melody. We reject traditionally sterile notions of the digital, and instead embrace it as a natural extension of human potential.

Our Story

Pala started its life as a pro bono project at University College London, aiming to spread new technological advances to charities and social enterprises across London.

We take our title from the namesake of Aldous Huxley’s 1962 novel Island. Pala is a described as a utopian island nation where science and technology are used progressively to create a more fulfilling world for each of its inhabitants.

Core Team